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In the Second season, In half of the session team deals with Thanos, as he competes with them to obtain the Infinity Stones, followed by an arc of five episodes detailing Ultron’s return, which plans to exterminate the human race. The other half of the season details the Squadron Supreme’s arrival and confrontation with the Avengers. The last two episodes detail the Black Order’s escape from Thanos and its attack on Earth.

No. in SeasonTitleClick To Download
[Hindi Dubbed]
Episode 1The ArsenalGoogle Drive
Episode 2Thanos RisingGoogle Drive
Episode 3Valhalla Can WaitGoogle Drive
Episode 4Ghosts of the PastGoogle Drive
Episode 5Beneath the SurfaceGoogle Drive
Episode 6NighthawkGoogle Drive
Episode 7The Age of Tony StarkGoogle Drive
Episode 8Head to HeadGoogle Drive
Episode 9The Dark AvengersGoogle Drive
Episode 10Back to the Learning HallGoogle Drive
Episode 11DowngradedGoogle Drive
Episode 12Widow's RunGoogle Drive
Episode 13Thanos TriumphantGoogle Drive
Episode 14Crack in the SystemGoogle Drive
Episode 15Avengers Disassembled"Google Drive
Episode 16Small Time HeroesGoogle Drive
Episode 17Secret AvengersGoogle Drive
Episode 18The Ultron OutbreakGoogle Drive
Episode 19The New GuyGoogle Drive
Episode 20Terminal VelocityGoogle Drive
Episode 21SpectrumsGoogle Drive
Episode 22Midgard CrisisGoogle Drive
Episode 23Avengers' Last StandGoogle Drive
Episode24Avengers UndergroundGoogle Drive
Episode 25New FrontiersGoogle Drive
Episode 26Avengers WorldGoogle Drive

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