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Ultimate Spider-man is the hit animated tv series based on a fictional superhero.


In the first season, dishonest industrialist Norman Osborn targets Spider-Man in the shadows with expectations of gathering his DNA to make a spider soldier an armed force officer to pitch to the administration. To do this, he utilizes Doctor Octopus as his pawn, having him send various supervillains after Spider-Man and utilize an example of Spidey’s blood to make the Venom symbiote, which winds up holding with Harry Osborn, Norman’s child and Peter’s closest companion. In the two-section season finale, Spider-Man discovers that it was Norman who was the brains behind Doctor Octopus’ plans and Venom’s creation, without a moment to spare to see Doctor Octopus get his revenge on Norman for the manner in which he treated him by transforming him into the Green Goblin.

Various season of Ultimate Spiderman Season 1 was directed by Alex Soto, Phil Pignotti & Tim Eldered, Gary Hartle & Jeff Allen, Phil Pignotti.

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No. In SeasonTitle Click To
Download/Watch Online
[Hindi Dubbed]
Episode 1Great PowerGoogle Drive
Episode 2Great ResponsibilityGoogle Drive
Episode 3DoomedGoogle Drive
Episode 4VenomGoogle Drive
Episode 5Flight of the Iron SpiderGoogle Drive
Episode 6Why I Hate GymGoogle Drive
Episode 7ExclusiveGoogle Drive
Episode 8Back in BlackGoogle Drive
Episode 9Field TripGoogle Drive
Episode 10FreakyGoogle Drive
Episode 11VenomousGoogle Drive
Episode 12Me TimeGoogle Drive
Episode 13StrangeGoogle Drive
Episode 14AwesomeGoogle Drive
Episode 15For Your Eye OnlyGoogle Drive
Episode 16Beetle ManiaGoogle Drive
Episode 17Snow DayGoogle Drive
Episode 18DamageGoogle Drive
Episode 19Home Sick HulkGoogle Drive
Episode 20Run Pig RunGoogle Drive
Episode 21I Am Spider-ManGoogle Drive
Episode 22The Iron OctopusGoogle Drive
Episode 23Not a ToyGoogle Drive
Episode 24Attack of the BeetleGoogle Drive
Episode 25RevealedGoogle Drive
Episode 26Rise of the GoblinGoogle Drive



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